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We are an all-volunteer animal rescue program serving Quay County, New Mexico,  continued from Tucumcari Animal Rescue which began in 2009.  In that time, we have saved the lives of 700+ animals.  We also started an all-donation funded spay-neuter program in 2014!
We are now ready for the next step.  God has blessed us with several business supporters and many individual supporters who share our vision of no more homeless, neglected, or abused animals.

                                  Our Mission Statement

  • We shall shelter and care for lost and unwanted animals

  • We shall place animals in our care into humane environments

  • We shall implement programs and provide services to promote responsible pet ownership

  • We shall be advocates for animals...speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves

  • We shall educate the public on local and state animal protection laws

  • We shall educate the public on proper care of animals

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